Research Information

Monty's Corner research information aims to:

  • provide up-to-date, impartial information about causes for childhood cancer studied internationally by various researchers
  • help patients and carers to understand tools and techniques used in research
  • create awareness for the importance of wide participation in research

What do we cover?

Childhood cancers - The main classifications of childhood cancers. Monty's Corner focuses on all types of childhood cancers.

What do we already know? - The research studies have been carried out since 1960s in childhood cancers. We present only the research results without any comments. References are provided at the end of the section. Please note that we have not covered all the research results here as we are still processing the content from other sources.

What does it mean to us? - We explain what these research results mean to all of us.

What does research involve? - The epidemiological research methods and why sometimes the research takes so long to find consistent and conclusive results.

When is an external factor considered to be a risk factor? - Methods and approaches are shown to consider an environmental factor a risk factor.

What "can we" do? - We heard many times from people who are in the same boat asking whether we, the parents, can do anything to help. Here we explain "what we can do to help".

The scientific information in the following chapters have been complied based on the review paper (Childhood Cancer Epidemiology, 2007) published by Dr. M. Tevfik Dorak, MD PHD - University of Miami.