The laughter is the best medicine!

Remember to laugh

Generally speaking, we love to laugh. Laughing is infectious. We laugh with other people around us. For a moment, we take a break from our care and responsibilities. Laughter makes us feel good. Laughter energizes us.

People who are emotionally healthy have the ability to laugh and have fun.

But in your case, day to day events in your child’s treatment is so overwhelming that you, as a parent, lose slowly the ability to laugh.

Laughter is infectious but the feeling down can also be infectious among people living closely together.

If the whole family is feeling down, naturally this will have negative impact on the child who is going through treatments no matter what the age is.

You also probably know that children have a good sense of parent’s feelings. If you are feeling down, they will feel it. If you are feeling good they will feel it.

Under the circumstances you are in, it is not only that you help your child’s well being you also need to keep your emotional well-being in order.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to recognise the emotional feelings of everybody living close by and deal with them. You might be thinking “If I am feeling low, how am I supposed to keep everybody upbeat?”

We are here to take this burden from you and be a constant reminder to you to LAUGH OUT LOUD on a regular basis.

Below we have selected laughter tools for you to pick from.

Watch family comedy films regularly!

Watching family comedy films is a great way of bringing laughter to your life effortlessly.

Do it as a family, several times a week.