Kidney Cancers

Wilms Tumour

Society Name: National Cancer Institute Overall Score:
Coverage: Child/Adult Origin: United States
Disease: Symptoms:
Diagnosis Overview:

 • Physical exam and history

 • Biopsy

 • Complete blood count (CBC)

 • Serum tumor marker test

 • Blood chemistry studies

 • Liver function tests

 • Renal function test

 • Urinalysis

 • Abdominal X-ray, CT, Ultrasound

Treatment Overview: Depends on Stage, but

 • Nephrectomy with lymph node removal followed by combination chemotherapy

 • Also radiationtherapy and Watchful Waiting

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Clear Cell Sarcoma

Society Name: Cure Search for Children's Cancer Overall Score:
Coverage: Children Origin: United States
Disease: Symptoms: Not available
Diagnosis Overview: Not available
Treatment Overview:

 • Possible radiation treatment

Clinical Trial? Not available Prognosis: