Inspirational Stories

Sergio Chacon's Story

My name is Sergio Chacon, living in Texas. All my life I've always had the tendency of wanting to help others whether it's the smallest of things. I, myself, have been diagnosed with a disease called alopecia areata universallis. I was diagnosed at the age of 8. Of course, it's not even close to cancer at all. Mine only affects me emotionally by my appearance. I don't have any hair at all throughout my whole body and I am currently wearing a wig to help myself out. I am very blessed in any sort of way because I can still do the things I love most. That is why, if by any chance, I can be able to get an opportunity to help those that need it the most. Even if it's in the smallest of ways. It hurts me sitting here knowing that I can help those kids with cancer to have hope and live their lives with faith. I may not know exactly what it is to live with cancer but I do know what it's like to live in a society where you are being judged at because of the way you look. Each and everyone in this world has a story to tell and I would love to be given the opportunity to know the stories of these incredible kids and bring smiles to their beautiful faces. A kid should live their childhood with joy so they can grow up to be something special to this world. Unfortunately, a disease like cancer tends to crush hope for people and especially these kids and that is why I would like to help these incredible children to live life with a smile.

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Shelby Makris' Story

Shelby Makris, 18, is now a senior at Brea Olinda High School in Brea. She continues to control her cancer with daily medication and seeks a suitable donor for a bone marrow transplant. Shelby plans to study psychology and pharmacy in college. Shelby says: "I will accomplish my dreams, and if I hit a roadblock or two, I know I will not let it stop me. It may take me a little longer, but one way or another, I will get to that finish line."

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Jenna Miller's Story

The 17-year-old Oxford High School senior suddenly stopped walking at 18 months old and was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a life-threatening solid, malignant tumour on her spine. Jenna knows all too well the struggles children with cancer go through...

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Sean Swarner's Story

Sean was diagnosed with two completely different types of cancer, once at the age of 13 with advanced stage IV Hodgkin's lymphoma and again at the age of 16 with Askin's sarcoma where he was given fourteen days to live...

On 16 May 2002, at the age of 27, Sean became the first cancer survivor to reach Mount Everest's summit...

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Piotr Kolodziej's Story

Living with leukemia for the last six years, 13-year-old Piotr discovered a hidden talent for painting that has given him comfort and purpose through long treatments and hospital stays.

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James Kay's Story

One day in February 2005, an 11-year-old James was diagnosed with a form of Ewing's sarcoma...

James has become the second-leading tackler for Montgomery Bell Academy..."If you really love something, pursue it with everything you've got," James says

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Sarah Cook's Story

Sarah Cook, initially diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma at the age of eight, relapsed seven years later, has feared that she'd drop the Olympic torch when walking 300 metres along St. Denis in Montreal because of the cancer drugs that make her toes and fingers numb.

"...I was upset, but I wouldn't let this ruin my life. I was just like, fine, I'll beat it again," Sarah says.

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Jarrett Mynear's Story

Jarrett was diagnosed with cancer six times from the age of two until he succumbed to the disease at age 13. As a result of his treatment and rehabilitation, Jarrett spent a lot of time in hospitals...

As a patient himself, Jarrett knew that being in the hospital is scary and lonely. He also realized the importance of knowing that someone else was thinking about you as well. Jarrett’s goal in starting the Joy Cart was to bring excitement and joy into every child’s hospital stay.

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Diana Garcia's Story

Diana was 11 when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Diana is now an intern in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, giving back to the organization that helped her through her illness.

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Riley Philpot's Story

Riley was diagnosed with a Wilm's Tumor in May 2006. Through her treatments Riley has been able to play soccer whenever her platelet levels were high enough for her to get out on the field.

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Dustan Colyer's Story

In 2000,at age of six, Dustan was diagnosed with Wilms' tumour in 2000. In November 2005 Dustan's tumour recurred...

It's mid-May and the members of Plainwell metal/hard rock band KAOS Redeemed - drummer Dustan Colyer, bassist Zach Blett, guitarist/vocalist Sean Griffin and guitarist Aaron Ringo - are practicing in the small room dotted with posters of such rock legends as Slash, and a sign reading, "Warning: only heavy metal music allowed on these premises."

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Miranda Berry's Story

Twelve-year-old Miranda Berry wrote and illustrated her first book, "The Elements', in the fourth grade. The story's a fantasy, an escape from the troubles of the real world.

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John Challis 's Story

John was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma, or liver-lung cancer, in 2006… He had been begging the coach to put him in the game. “You’ll get killed out there,” Scott (John’s father) told him. But John made an argument to which his father had no rebuttal: “Dad, I’ve got cancer,” he said. “What else could happen to me?”…

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