Enhance the quality of quite time with little effort

During the long lasting treatments of cancer, there will be times when your child will choose to do nothing but just lying down in bed and stare at the ceiling or the window or perhaps an object which has no particular meaning. Such times are more intense during and after chemotherapy – tiredness is a common side effect of the treatment.

They are not sleeping but at waking state, their minds preoccupied with stream of thoughts, wishes, fantasies or dreams. They are silent and seem void.

You are sitting near by and watching your child at this state. What do you do? You want to know what is going on in their mind. You want to talk to find out if you can do something for them.

You may be worried that something is wrong with them but don’t know what. You don’t know how to approach to your child because your action may create a negative response like irritation, crankiness or anger. Hesitation takes over…

Be assured that your child behaviour is normal. They might be so tired from all the happenings which they don’t understand well but expected to understand. Like you, they are loaded with large amount of information they cannot easily process. They are asked for their permission and/or opinions but they don’t have much a chose, do they? They find themselves in a situation they are forced to accept everything from needles to lines, from headache pills to chemo.

It is too much to take in… this naturally wares them off… they are only children…

When you see your child lying down, staring at something, and not willing to do anything, what you can do is to help them relax their body and mind.

They need this quite time. You can enhance the quality of the quite time by providing them better relaxation with little effort.

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Enhance the quality of quite time with little effort!

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