Story: Monty Escapes from the Zoo – PART 5

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Monty bear breathed in deeply, looking out at the scene on the dock. He had seen Monty the monkey make a fool of everyone as he had made his way through the crowds, jumping on heads and dodging around obstacles. But now the monkey was gone, off on his quest. As Monty bear looked around, drinking in the lively atmosphere before the boat headed off for the sea, he caught a glance of someone he remembered. In shock, he realised that it was the boy who had saved him all that time ago. He was a bit bigger now, but he still had a youthful face full of cheer and happiness. He seemed downcast at the moment though, as he kicked at the stones at his feet. Monty held his breath. He knew of course that this was the town where the boy lived, for the ship never varied on its journey from Europe to West Africa. But he had not seen the boy at the dock before, and until now had been too afraid to return in case the father found him first. But now the uncontrollable urge to be with the one child who had never turned his back on him, and had loved him and taken him in, was too strong.

Out of the trap door he climbed, struggling through the pile of merchandise. Only now this merchandise was being emptied, and as Monty got nearer to the top he felt a hand close around him. “I didn’t know we delivered teddy bears.” The man looked at Monty in surprise. “I don’t know just put it all on the trolley,” said another. Before Monty knew what was happening, he had been thrown into a huge net for cargo, with more and more things being thrown on top of him. Finally the loading process was complete, and the cargo was transported by a crane to the dock. Monty lay still, struggling to breathe under the huge weight on top of him; it was unbearable. But with the strength of mind which all he had been through had given him, he managed to focus on the task ahead.

With agonising slowness, he climbed up through everything above him. Gradually he felt the weight decrease, and in the blackness a speck of light appeared. Pushing at the bag which was next to it, the speck of light became real sunlight. With one last effort, Monty hauled himself through the gap and lay gasping on top of the pile. Then he stood up, legs trembling as he looked around with a hand covering his eyes, to protect them from the sun’s harsh gaze.

“Heeeyyyy. Hey it’s my teddy!” In excitement, the young boy rushed past the startled workers and began to climb the pile of merchandise. When he reached Monty he wrapped his arms around him, so hard that Monty couldn’t breathe for a minute. But then the boy relaxed, and bringing Monty away from his chest, he looked at him in adoration. “I will never let you go,” he said, so sincerely that Monty believed him with all his heart. “I will look after you.” Monty sank back into the boy’s arms, and let his heart fill with warmth and contentment as all the pain and loneliness was taken away.

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