Story: Monty Escapes from the Zoo – PART 4

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Monty the monkey looked about in wonder at the new world he entered. Lush vegetation. The constant buzz of insects. The sound of things moving through the forest. Here these things were different, not like in the zoo. Here they were cautious, as quiet as possibly, like a whisper in the darkness.

He had spent a number of days in the small port town. Immediately hit by the hot humid climate, shocked by the skies which would spontaneously empty huge buckets of water on everything, and then not long later clear up leaving a sunny day again, Monty didn’t know what to make of it all. The people, dressed in brightly coloured clothes carrying strange looking pots and pans, nodding and smiling at each other as they went past. When they saw him they didn’t look at him in amazement as people did back home, but instead with indifference or an angry air as they shooed him away from their homes or market stalls, as Monty bear’s owner had done. Here he was like a cat or a dog in Britain, a part of the scenery, nothing incredible or special.

He drank in the smells, the tastes, and the colours of this new world, scampering about, looking at anything which caught his eye. But finally it was time to move on, and after moving through fields of crops and banana plantations, which he stole heavily from to the annoyance of the farmers, he found his way to the jungle.

And here he was now dangling on a branch, munching lazily on a banana, drinking in the scene around him. But as the skies here rained unexpectedly and forcefully, so did the animals appear. All Monty heard was a few noises in the branches, and suddenly he was surrounded by a troop of monkeys, looking viciously at him and snarling; they didn’t like an unknown intruder. Grabbing the banana from his hand, one of the biggest of the monkeys, and undoubtedly the leader, screeched at him. With a ferocity that surprised him, Monty screeched back and stared the big monkey in the eyes. At this the other monkeys began clattering about, hoo haing in indignation. Who dared challenge their leader?

Affronted by Monty’s aggressiveness, the big monkey launched himself at Monty with a vengeance. The two fell down from the branch and hit the jungle floor hard. Monty rolled himself away and confronted the leader face on, his heart hammering and his body trembling. They circled each other slowly, and then the large monkey once again launched himself at Monty. But this time Monty was ready. Manoeuvring himself round the attack, he managed to pin the big monkey down to the ground. Staring the large monkey right in the face, he screeched. The large monkey whimpered. Monty let him go, and slowly got up. Then to show that he felt no ill feeling to the large monkey, Monty lent him his hand to help him up. They looked at each other and an understanding was reached. Monty had defended himself against the troop leader, and now had the right to be left in peace or to join the troop. The leader clambered back up into the trees and beckoned for Monty to follow him. With a smile Monty joined him, and Monty swung with the troop deep into the forest.

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