Story: Monty Escapes from the Zoo – PART 2

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Monty was very lucky. As it happened Joe’s father worked at the docks. At begging from Joe, who had never seemed that interested in his father’s job before, he decided to let Joe have a look around some of the ships where he worked. Monty hidden in a large bag, Joe got in his dad’s van. A ship bound for West Africa was leaving today. A more perfect and simple opportunity could not be found.

Struggling to keep appearing normal and to appear engaged in his dad’s conversation, Joe’s mind was working frantically as they drove. How could this plan actually work? How would Monty stay hidden, and when he arrived in West Africa how would he find his way to the jungle? He sighed in frustration. He had become attached to Monty in the few days Monty had spent hidden in his room, shutting himself in the cupboard whenever Joe’s parents were around.

“Well this is it” said his dad, parking the car. All around there were boats, and the sea, a dirty muddy colour this near to the city, stretched on indefinitely to distant lands and mysterious places. Joe felt a tinge of longing looking at the scene. He had never been very far from home, and his mind drifted to all the wondrous things he had heard about the outside world from books, T.V and people more fortunate who had travelled to such places.

“Permission to come aboard captain!” Joe’s dad said with mock sincerity to the security guard standing outside a large ship. The guard smiled and nodded. “Aye aye sailor!” Joe’s dad laughed, and he and Joe climbed on the boat. As they walked through Joe’s dad started telling him about all the uses of the features in the boat, and talked about what they contained. Nodding absent-mindedly, Joe looked around for a reason to go off on his own. “Is there a loo anywhere? I’m bursting.”

“Yeah sure. Just walk down there and turn right, there’s one for the boats staff down there. Have you seen enough?” Joe nodded. “Alright well I’ll go up and have a word with the captain, come up when you’re done.” Whistling, Joe’s dad walked off. Alone now Joe walked cautiously down the boat’s aisle. Finding a place where there were loads of containers and places to hide, he stayed still and silent, looking around and listening. When he was sure he was alone, he opened the bag. Monty darted out, and hoo haing his thanks to Joe he bound off into the darkness. Joe smiled as he watched Monty go, and then turned round to go back up.

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